Heritage Pool and Racquet Club

Concord, Massachusetts

Policies & Guidelines


The Club is open for play 7 days a week, 8:30am-10:30pm.

Courts must not be used past 10:30 p.m., lights shut off automatically at 10:30pm. 

Defining Family Membership

Paddle membership is defined as including children who are under the age of 26 AND living at home.  Children over 26 OR living outside the family home are considered guests and are subject to the HPTC guest policy and fees. 


You are welcome to have guests play with you. Any one member may host any one guest at a time. Guests are permitted to play at the club up to 4 times a month.

You must list your guests on Tennis Bookings when you book the court. Failure to do so may result in the privilege to have guests revoked. Those families on the waitlist are considered guests. Guests (including people on the waitlist) may not participate in club programs.  Anyone on the waitlist is considered a guest. 

Guest Fees

There is a small guest fee which will be charged to the person who books the court. The fee is $6 per guest after 5:30pm and $4 per guest prior to 5:30pm. This fee also applies to those on the waitlist whom are considered guests. Members will be billed twice a season for guests. 


We  now have a defibrillator. If use of the defibrillator is needed, please call 911 before using the defibrillator or administering CPR. The defibrillator will give the user verbal instructions. 


The fee to join the waitlist is $100. The waitlist fee is waived for HPRC Members (i.e. summer members).

If you would like to join the waitlist please fill out the waitlist application and mail it to the membership coordinator listed on the form.

Once you reach the top of the waitlist you will be invited to become a member. You may defer for one season for a $100 fee to hold your spot. The following year, you must either become a full member, or be removed from the waitlist.

Injury/sick leave policy:

If you are unable to play paddle due to unforeseen illness or injury, you have the following options depending on when you notify us:

If you notify the HPTC committee before the season begins:

  • You can pay your annual dues anyway, and pick up paddle play whenever you are able to.
  • Or you can elect to go Inactive for a $50 fee and resume your membership the following season.  You may not use the Club during this time.

If you notify the HPTC committee after the season begins AND before January 1:

  • If you have already paid your dues and the season has begun when you get ill/are injured, you can notify us and if we are able to fill your membership spot for the remainder of the season, we will pro-rate your membership for the season. 
  • This is only applicable if we are notified before January 1. 

    Club Work Parties

    Each fall, HPTC hosts two Club Appreciation Days. We ask that all members send one representative from their family to participate. HPTC is a member-run club and participation in court clean up enables us to keep our costs reasonable. It is also a good way to meet and connect with other members.  Members who do not participate will be levied a $50 Work Party No-Show Fee. Details and sign-up options are emailed yearly before the start of the season. 


    Major snow (over 3 inches) is handled by contractors. For light snow less than 3”, members will need to clear courts themselves using shovels that are hanging outside the paddle hut. Flip the snowboards up (unlock by lifting straight up) and push the snow from the courts into the parking lot. Do not bury the walkways. If snow removal delays the onset of play, the shoveling members are entitled to extend their time to get their full 1 1/2 hour playing time, and this may ripple through the day.   

    In the event of significant snowfall or other issues impacting safety, the Club may have to close for a period of time to properly clear the parking lot and the courts. If this is the case, an email announcement will be sent with an expected time of re-opening.

    Propane Heaters 

    The heaters/blowers use 8 gallons of propane per court hour so must be used judiciously. They are to be used only for keeping snow and ice from accumulating on a cleared court. Do not use the heaters to attempt to melt accumulated snow – as this will make shoveling much harder. Also, they are not to be used to provide heat as you play.


    The court lights will be automatically shut off at 10:30 PM. This is an agreement with the town and a stipulation in our operating permit with the town. Light switches are in the hut. If playing earlier in the evening, be sure to turn off the court lights when you are finished unless there is another group behind you.


    The hut is available for socializing before, during and after play. There is a small refrigerator, please make sure to take your beverages with you when you leave. The code to the hut is emailed to you yearly. Please do not share the code with non-members or guest. 

    Membership Directory

    The Club Directory is to be used strictly for paddle and social interaction. It may not be used for solicitation or passed to any third party. If you have not received the directory, or need to make a change to your contact information, please email admin@theheritageclub.org

    Courtesy to HPTC Committee members

    All members are asked to respect the decisions and policies made by the HPTC committee members, who are all volunteers. This includes respecting decisions made by Club Program Leaders regarding how groups, matches and teams are arranged.


    Please respect our neighbors by keeping noise levels down and language clean.

    Carry-In / Carry-Out 

    Like all community treasures, the courts, hut, and fellow members deserve our respect. Please clean-up after each evening’s activities and bring any trash and recycling down to the dumpster area.

    Facility Issues 

    Please report facility issues e.g. safety, lights out, icy ramp or parking lot or court time conflicts, etc. to admin@theheritageclub.org.

    Upcoming Paddle Events

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