Heritage Pool and Racquet Club

Concord, Massachusetts

Policies & Guidelines

Hours - Courts must not be open past 10:30 p.m. and lights must be turned off.  The Paddle Hut does not have closing hours.

Guests – Non-members may play up to two times per month as a guest of a member. Members may invite individuals currently on the HPTC waitlist as often as they like. There is currently no charge for guests. Guests are required to be signed in, there is a sign-in book in the Hut for this purpose.

Court Cleanup - Each year the club hosts two Club Appreciation Days. We ask that all members send one representative from their family to participate in the court clean up on this day. Heritage Pool and Racquet Club is a member-run club and participation in court clean up enables us to keep our costs reasonable. Please see the calendar for details.

Shoveling - There are shovels available in the paddle hut, and, for light snow, members are expected to shovel their courts before play. Flip the snowboards up (unlock by lifting straight up) and push the snow into the parking lot. Do not bury the walkways. If snow removal delays the onset of play the shoveling members are entitled to extend their time to get their full 1 1/2 hour playing time, and this may ripple through the day. Major snow (over 3 inches) is handled by contractors.

In the event of significant snowfall or other issues impacting safety, the club may have to close for a period of time to properly clear the parking lot and the courts. If this is the case, the club will send out an email announcement with an expected time of re-opening.

Propane Heaters - The heaters/blowers use 8 gallons of propane per court hour so must be used judiciously. They are to be used only for keeping snow and ice from accumulating on a cleared court. Do not use the heaters to attempt to melt accumulated snow – as this will make shoveling much harder. Also, they are not to be used to provide heat as you play.

Lights - It is imperative that court lights be off by 10:30 PM. This is an agreement with the town and a stipulation in our operating permit with the town. Light switches are in the hut. Be sure to turn off the court lights when you are finished unless there is another group behind you.

Hut - When you leave, make sure you take any remaining alcohol products with you -- we cannot have unsupervised alcohol left in the refrigerator. Make sure you turn off the hut heater when you leave.

Membership Roster - The roster is to be used strictly for paddle and social interaction. It may not be used for solicitation or passed to any third party.

Language/Noise - Please respect our neighbors by keeping our noise levels down and our language clean.

Carry-In / Carry-Out - Like all community treasures, the courts, hut, and fellow members deserve our respect. Please clean-up after each evening’s activities and bring the trash and recycling down to the dumpster area.

Facility Issues – Please report facility issues e.g. lights out, icy ramp or parking lot, court time conflicts, etc. to admin@theheritageclub.org.

Upcoming Paddle Events

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