Heritage Pool and Racquet Club

Concord, Massachusetts

Tennis Code of Conduct

General Tennis Rules

  • Members and guests shall conduct themselves in the spirit of good sportsmanship at all times and respect the rights of others using the tennis facilities.
  • Members must sign guests into the sign up book and will be billed at the close of the season
  • Flat-soled tennis shoes are required at all times. Bare feet, “flip-flops” and sandals are prohibited. Black-soled athletic shoes are also prohibited.
  • Tennis courts shall be used for no other purpose other than tennis.
  • The Ball machine can only be used under adult or Heritage staff member supervision.
  • Tennis clinics, private instruction, tournaments, league play, and special programs have priority use of the courts.
  • Courts are available for use by members on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Ball tubes and balls must be returned to the storage hut after you are done.
  • When other members are waiting for a court limit singles play to 60 minutes and doubles play to 90 minutes.
Court Courtesies
  • Please do your part to clean up after yourself
  • Do not pass through a court when in use, unless invited to do so.
  • Return errant balls promptly, but not while a point is in progress.
  • Do not distract other players with loud talk or noises.
  • Close gates when entering and leaving courts.
  • Please limit use of electronic communication devices.

Upcoming Tennis

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