Heritage Pool and Racquet Club

Concord, Massachusetts

Swim Lesson Overview

Heritage swim lessons are available beginning at the age of three and are open to all Heritage members. All swim instructors are certified Water Safety Instructors and are trained in Red Cross Lifesaving. While water safety is always paramount, we focus on providing a fun environment in which children can develop of life long love of the sport of swimming.

Suggested ages for the seven swim lesson levels are approximate, and children will progress through these levels at differing speeds. At the discretion of the instructors, children may move levels as progress and safety allow. Lessons are offered Monday through Friday from 10:15 am through 1:00 pm. See the daily calendar for specific times. 

Lessons are also open to members who participate in swim team. We encourage all of our swim team members to participate in lessons as it enhances the swimmer’s endurance and stoke technique.

For questions regarding swim lessons please contact poolmanager@theheritageclub.org.

  • Sinkers: Approximate age of Sinkers Level at 3 and toilet trained through 6 years of age. This level is oriented toward developing a love of swimming and building confidence through games.
  • Level 1: Approximate age 4-7 with a focus on comfort with face in the water and holding breath, floating and streamline glide.
  • Level 2: Approximate age 5-8 with a focus on front and back float, kicking, rotary arm movements and streamline glide.
  • Level 3: Approximate age 7-9 with a focus on combining kicking and rotary arm movements, introduction to elementary backstroke and dolphin kick.
  • Level 4: Approximate age 7-9 with a focus on fine-tuning all four strokes with progression drills.
  • Level 5: Approximate age 9-11 with a focus on putting each stroke together.
  • Level 6: Approximate age 9-12 with focus on endurance within each stroke.
  • Level 7: 12 years old or permission from manager to participate. This class is a peak into what it takes to be a Heritage Lifeguard.

Upcoming Swim Lesson Events

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