Heritage Pool and Racquet Club

Concord, Massachusetts

Junior Teams

Junior Tennis Teams at Heritage are a fun, social, and competitive experience. Coaches focus their attention on court etiquette, serving and stroke skills as well as strategy at both A and B Team levels. The Heritage Tennis Team is a great complement to Heritage Tennis Lessons.

The Heritage B Team

This group typically consists Heritage Juniors from the age of 10 and up. However, younger members do break in from time to time. B Team is open to any Heritage Junior who is able to maintain a reasonable rally and can consistently maintain a successful serve. Matches are held at Concord Country Club Fridays from 12 - 2 p.m. Coaches will let players know when they are ready for matches during practice time the week before the match. Weekly play for each child may depend on whether there is an appropriate match-up on the opposing team.  Once school is over, practices begin in the afternoon.  Please see the daily calendar for details.

The Heritage A Team

The Club's A Team plays in the Sudbury Valley Junior Tennis League. A Team is for the top juniors at the club. Practices are comprised of intense drilling and conditioning as well as match play strategy. Anyone who has previously played on the A Team is invited back to join the team. Players who would like to try out for the A Team can do so by attending the Preseason Practices, which generally begin two weeks before Concord Public Schools release and are held in the evening.  Once school is over, practices move to the afternoon. Please see the daily calendar for details.

For questions regarding tennis programming reach out to tennispro@theheritageclub.org. 

Upcoming Junior Tennis Team Events

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